For around two million years, humanity in some form walked the plains and the forests, jumping, carrying, climbing, throwing and running for large portions of each day. In the modern world most of us sit in our cars and drive to work where we sit for six to nine hours more, sit in our cars to drive home, and then sit on the couch after dealing with food and whatever errands and chores we had to do. On top of spending most of our lives sitting inactively the majority of the movement we do get are destructively repetitive tasks day in day out. Almost every single one of us suffers from misalignment’s, imbalances, compression, pain, injuries and other serious health conditions that may not be too noticeable now, but they are what results in joint replacements, back pain, and loss of independence and our culture thinks this is normal. These issues only build upon each other over time into serious pains, injuries and lack of mobility.

At the same time our modern lives host a constant bombardment of chemicals from cleaners, car exhaust, hygiene products, cosmetics and especially from our food! The toxins from chemical exposure mixed with an over processed but nutrient deficient diet complicates these issues of imbalance, creating an environment ripe for illnesses, allergies, poor sleep, lack of energy and numerous other problems. The fact is we still are the same athletic machines we have been for millions of years, this lifestyle has only existed for the last 50-100 years; we just weren’t designed for it!

Our bodies were made for a dynamic and intensely demanding existence but the strength of body that biology has created for us has been lost in the ‘Zoo Human’ culture of modern society. At Thrive we are driven to do everything we can to help our clients regain the mobility, metabolism, health and simple lack of pain (along with whatever specific goals that are important to them) that two million years of human existence has made our birthright, but do it without making you quit your job and abscond to the forest (unless you really want to!). My goal is to not only accomplish this for every person I work with, but help them understand how we did it and how they can keep it up on their own long after our time working together is over. The extremely prevalent early onset morbidity in our culture is simply and painfully unnecessary. Every person should be able to manifest their aesthetic, performance, functional, and health goals at any age. We will help make this happen and help you thrive.