Herein are some of the more frequently applicable policies and questions that we are asked. If you have any other questions, please get in contact and ask.

Service Bundling Price Policy: As a health and wellness company we offer several different health services and to reward our clients for their dedication to their improvement in their health, we like to conveniently extend package discounts to all services. How does this work? If, for example, you elect to go with a 18 session package of personal training/corrective exercise, this gives a 20% discount on these sessions, but if you add in Neurokinetic Therapy or nutritional consultation, this 20% discount will apply to those services as well. A similar discount may be spread to massage, but this is a program in development. Note, that discounts DO NOT stack. If you have a personal training discount and you are in the massage wellness program, these discounts will not be cumulative across the two services.

Discounts And Sales: We occasionally have promotional sales and special discount prices, but these are only available to first time clients, or those trying a service for the first time (i.e. they are regular personal training clients but haven’t tried NKT, a sale price may be applied here). You must mention the sale and where you heard about it to get the discount. These discounts usually remain yours if you continue with the service, but this may vary.

Payment Policies: Thrive currently does not accept any form of insurance (this is being worked on but will be for Massage and NKT only), and all prices listed are cash only prices. If paying by card, a processing fee of 5% applies. Payment for single sessions are required at time of service. Packages or other bundled services require payment at the start of the first session. A late fee of $20 applies to any session where payment is not made at the point of service, and service may be entirely denied depending on the situation. There is a $35 fee for any bounced checks.

Cancellation Policy: Our modern lifestyles are often busy and hectic; things happen and plans change. Cancellations are no problem, however a 24 hour notice is required for refunds on missed sessions so that there is time for other patients or clients to get into these open slots, emergencies aside. If adequate notice is not given, the session will be considered fulfilled and will be billed. If you are running late to a session, also please do give notice as soon as possible when you know you’re going to be late or are running late. I generally stay the first 20 minutes into a session, but if no notice has been given at this time, I may leave and will consider the session fulfilled. If you show up late, we can still do what we have time for, as long as I know you’re still coming in.

Regular Session Scheduling: If you are scheduling regular weekly sessions, you can reserve a specific open day and time that will remain yours as long as regular attendance and timely payment is made. Repeated cancellations, payment problems, or other complications will void your hold on this time slot.

General Scheduling: All sessions are by appointment only. We have openings 7 days a week, barring some holidays and other closures.

Working With Minors: Any session with physical contact (NKT and massage therapy) with a minor requires a legal guardian to be present for the entirety of the session. No exceptions.