Nutrition is perhaps the most vital element to health, no matter how you look at it. Our food can be our medicine, or our poison, and most certainly forms the building blocks we use to create and maintain our bodies. Whether your goal is to achieve a six pack or reverse diabetes, it is simply isn’t going to happen if you do not approach the problem from the angle of the kitchen as well as the gym. Allergies, indigestion, hormone imbalances, insomnia and so many other problems, on top of success in sports, fitness, and weight loss are dependent on quality nutrition. Unfortunately, however, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about nutrition and our food, with every company trying to convince you of something different. Finding individualized professional advice is often the key to success in many different health goals.

Consultation Options:

Individual Sessions:
  • One hour consultation: $50
  • 20 minute check-in: $20

  • Nutritional Foundations Package: A package designed to assess your nutritional health situation, and then create an individually designed plan towards your goals one step at a time, creating healthy habits and systems. This comes with three 1-hour consultations and three 20-minute check in sessions. Bundling these together not only gives you a far greater chance of success, it comes with a %10 discounted rate of $189.

    Bundling Options: in addition to nutritional consultation, combining personal training and holistic wellness consultations creates a more successful approach to your goals and optimum health. Please inquire directly to see what I can do for you with options and pricing.

    **Gift certificates are available for all services, including entry to select workshops, classes, and other events.

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