Do You Have A Frozen Shoulder?

Do you have severe mobility limitations in shoulder movement?  Does it hurt your shoulder to move your arm to certain angles or beyond them?  There’s a good chance you have frozen shoulder, whether it happened from an acute injury or came on slowly.  When the shoulder sustains an injury or feels unstable certain muscles start locking down the joint and compressing it to limit its mobility, even long after the injury has healed, or even when there was no injury in the first place.  The average prognosis for an acute frozen shoulder is 1-2 years and a chronic frozen shoulder may not resolve itself at all.  Do you want to simply accept this pain and limitation, or do you want to fix it?

Thrive Body Balance can help you quickly and permanently reverse frozen shoulder, the involved pain and return your range of motion.  Most cases of frozen shoulder are resolved in 1-2 sessions, and almost all of them in 4 or less.*  Let us help get you out of pain today: schedule a free no-obligation consultation to see if our healing method, Neurokinetic Therapy®, is the solution for you.

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*While a maximum of 1-4 sessions is most typical, each case different and we can make no guarantees on any given case. Neurokinetic Therapy®, Thrive Body Balance and the services it offers should not be taken as a substitution for a physicians intervention, and a physician should be consulted when appropriate. For more information on Neurokinetic Therapy® Look Here. For more information on frozen shoulder, Look Here.