Thrive is happy to offer a full spectrum of massage and bodywork including relaxation massage, a range of therapeutic massage, medical massage and sports massage, in addition to massage for events and companies. The benefits of massage are vast, from simply providing a sense of calm and wellbeing to improving digestion and sleep, improved recovery from athletics or surgery and injuries, and resolution of many musculoskeletal pains and dysfunctions. When combined with Neurokinetic Therapy, massage becomes incredibly effective at helping permanently stop many common aches and pains, returning range of motion, and overall clearing up the ‘rust’ that has been build up in the body after decades of bad movement patterns, repetitive movements and injuries which are commonly (and erroneously) thought to be the regular and permanent effects of aging. Come in and work on feeling younger, healthier, and more vibrant!

Types of Massage Offered

Swedish Massage: The perfect balance of gentle massage strokes and smooth flow, Swedish massage is the most well known and celebrated form of massage in the Western world. Offering a sublime sense of relaxation and calm, Swedish massage is found in nearly every luxury spa in America for a reason, but it also has powerful health effects. Lowering muscle tightness and tension, easing aches and pains, as well as fighting the toxic effects of stress. Swedish massage has been shown to improve sleep and energy, circulation, mood and depression, immune function, and help with a wide range of conditions. Thrive offers Swedish massage in a range of lengths and always works to match the pressure, pace, and style of massage that you are looking for.

Therapeutic Massage:Therapeutic massage, also known as deep tissue massage, is one of the most requested and utilized styles of bodywork due to its range of highly effective benefits for pain, discomfort, movement, and posture. It is a more targeted and goal oriented method of massage than traditional Swedish massage. Many tools or techniques may be used, so therapeutic massage is something of a umbrella term for any type of manual therapy we use to ‘fix’ or treat something medically. For more information on therapeutic massage, check: Here.

Medical Massage: This is a mixture of different massage techniques combined specifically to treat each medical condition uniquely for what it needs. It may be supporting comfort, helping healing, decreasing pain, or working to stop or reverse some conditions, by itself or in concert with other medical practitioners. More information on Medical Massage can be found: Here.

Sports Massage: Whether for hobby enjoyment or in a competitive environment, sports training and performance can put a heavy load on the body, while demanding your best performance, which also comes with a risk of injury. Whether you are looking to improve your performance, maintain your overall health during competition, or prevent/recover from a sports injury, sports massage can help profoundly! Thrive regularly works with runners, golfers, martial artists, long distance athletes, and many others at every level of sports. For more information, check Here.

Massage Fee Structure:

Thrive works with many health and auto insurance companies, and we are happy to work with you whether we are in, or out-of-network with your insurance plan. We contract with insurance companies individually and they set the prices paid for our services, so the cost for our work will depend on your specific insurance plan. We are happy to help you get this information and answer any other related questions. We also take cash patients, but cannot take insurance with workers compensation claims.

Massage Contact

For Thrive’s policies, including pricing, scheduling, and general massage policies, Please Refer Here.

While highly effective in helping the symptoms and status of many conditions, massage therapy is not meant to replace the assessment, advice, or treatment offered by a physician or other appropriate primary healthcare practitioner, and should not be treated as such.