Athletic performance and training places a lot of strain and demands on the body, whether it be from the level of a hobbyist or an Olympic competitor. From buildup of wear and tear to injury risk, or even repeated injuries, conversations about joint replacements, aches and pains and injuries are essentially constant in any sports community. Massage can do a tremendous amount for rebalancing tissues and improving their function, helping recover from pains and injuries and decrease the chance they will come back. It’s more than that, however, massage can help improve performance in the long run as well as in pre-event massage where massage can help prime the body for action by increasing blood flow while lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and simultaneously warming and relaxing muscles and other tissues. Post-event massage can then help the body recover faster.

Common Sports Massage Goals Include:
  • Improving performance long term.
  • Improving performance for a specific event.
  • Decreasing chances of strains and injuries, including twists, strains, pains, shin splits, ITB syndrome, plantair fasciitis and many others.
  • Recovering from injuries, training, and events faster, including soreness, stiffness and return of performance.
  • Fix imbalances in the body’s tissues and function.
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility
  • A lot more!

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    What’s the research saying?
  • The AMTA Position Statement on massage for athletes. “May help prevent injuries when massage is received regularly.”
  • Reduction in inflammation after exercise with massage.