Most of us at some point in our lives have broken a bone, gotten a concussion, or had a hard impact from something even if it wasn’t a ‘diagnosed’ injury. From running into a coffee table as a kid, to bone or joint breaks in sports and car accidents, these injuries are quite common. While running into a coffee table as a toddler may see like no big deal once you stop crying and get back to playing, or after a few weeks once the cast comes off your arm seems good as new, the more serious damage most of the time is how your body reacts to the injury long after it has healed. A broken bone, damaged joint, or blunt force impacts/falls in general are a big threat as far as the brain is concerned. It reacts most often by compressing the joint (or closest joint), limiting your range of motion, and changing how it functions. This leads to joint damaging wear and tear now that the joints are rubbing against each other in compression, often eventually leading to arthritis, as well as a wide range of other painful, movement and performance limiting symptoms. Luckily, however, with Neurokinetic Therapy┬« we can interact with the brain and show it that it can use the joint normally again and stop this “red alert” behavior. Our methods are fast, effective, and permanent, without surgery or medication.

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