There are a wide range of nerve pain sources, the most common types being some kind of ‘nerve entrapment’ where a nerve is being stretched or compressed by the tissues around it. This can be immensely painful, but can also cause numbness, tingling, or other ‘weird’ feelings. Luckily in these cases, however, NKT is highly effective as we are able to track down which tissues in particular are putting bad pressures on the nerves and more importantly, WHY they are. We can then fairly easily and simply deal with the cause and return your nerves to a happy state of non-painful function. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is one well known form of nerve entrapment, but far from the only.

A common type of nerve dysfunction is called peripheral neuropathy, which is the common overall medical name for the condition of outer limb altered nerve signaling (pain, numbness, tingling or other off sensations). Sometimes this is the same kind of entrapment that we detailed above, while other times it may be an effect of something else going on in the body, with chemical interference to the nerves to actual nerve damage. Chemo-therapy medications (among others) and radiation therapy sometimes result in these effects, and diabetics frequently have problems with peripheral neuropathy. In these latter cases, we don’t generally use NKT but have a clinical vibration plate which helps deal with the cause (Damage to the capillaries, our tiniest blood vessels, which leads to damaged peripheral nerves) and can have fantastic results. More information on this Here.

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