How Does NKT Work?
For a more in-depth explanation for how NKT works, Take A Look Here.

The Format For NKT Treatment
NKT is not a pre-set program where we do the same thing for each patient coming in, however as an assessment tool the format is pretty similar. Because it is a type of medical rehabilitation most people are not familiar with, and because it is dependent on the adherence of the client to make permanent changes, it is my preference to start with a consultation. These are at zero cost or obligation, I like each patient to have a better idea what NKT is, how it works, and what’s involved. It also gives us a chance for an initial assessment to make sure that the chief complaint that is being treated is something that I can help with, or if a referral to another practitioner is needed. Some people choose to waive this for scheduling and urgency of symptoms.

After these consultations, we start with a single two hour session. These commonly run over time (at no extra charge for the patient; I have a tendency for being thorough with the goals I have for this first session), so let me know if you have time constraints on your schedule! Herein we go deeply through your health and injury history. This is where the real drivers of your current pain and dysfunction are rooted. The vast majority of this session (and all sessions) is based on NKT assessment techniques. These allow us to find out what incidents in your injury history are neurologically active and causing your symptoms, and it is by neutralizing them we get permanent results. The ‘neutralizing’ comes in the form of neurological rehab homework, specifically designed for your particular situation. This homework only takes a few minutes to do, and is done a few times a day. Without consistent homework completion, NKT does not work. It is up to you to take control of your health, it cannot be done for you.

At the end of the session, if time allows, some bodywork (therapeutic massage) will be done to get things started to make the process more effective and get symptoms relieved as quickly as possible. We will give you homework to work on daily, and you will go through it for a month. If homework has been done consistently, we meet at the end of that month for another session. This session is only an hour long long, where we check to see how effective the homework has been, and move toward the next set of issues that need to be resolved. We continue in this fashion until everything has been concluded.

How Many Sessions Will It Take?
It may vary for every person as someone who has had relatively few injuries, surgeries and health complications will require more sessions to ensure symptoms do not come back, while someone who has had relatively few of these situations will require less time to treat. Most people will have full resolution in 3-5 sessions. Every once in awhile people will conclude sooner, but rarely. Some who have fairly complicated health histories may take more, but not commonly.

How Quickly Does It Work?
Some people leave the initial consultation with substantially reduced symptoms, but almost everyone has a 60-90% reduction in severity/frequency in symptoms within a week of doing their homework, sometimes better. However, if homework is not done consistently, it will take longer or won’t work at all. Also, if the process is not taken to its full conclusion, the symptom will eventually come back, or a different one will eventually pop up in it’s place.

How Does Massage and NKT Work Together?
If you imagine the body as a high-tech machine, perhaps something like a jet. It has a lot of traditional mechanical parts, but it’s run by a computer. Without the computer and its electronic wiring, the machine doesn’t work at all. Let’s say that the software in the computer breaks, so suddenly the jet isn’t flying well, maybe poorly enough that it won’t even work. Left long enough the machinery builds up some rust. Eventually the software is fixed (this is where NKT comes in) and so the jet will move again. Just by it operating as usual, some of the rust will get worked out, but some remains; increasing wear and decreasing efficiency. The same thing happens in the body, especially as years of dysfunctions, injuries, and repetitive movements and postures all pile up. This is where massage comes in, to help clear up all this build up that is holding back your physical potential and leading to more injury and pain. Not everyone needs it for the full resolution of their pain, but it can help anyone. I make specific recommendations to those who need it.

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