Every one of us has some kind ideal aesthetic for ourselves whether it’s just for personal comfort and confidence or to rock it at the beach this summer. We each have some desire for a specific degree of performance, whether that means ranking in this years Portland Triathlon or whether it means being able to stand up safely and easily from the ground at any age. We also each have some idea of what level of health we want to achieve and maintain from the vibrancy of the spring of our life, to the graceful aging of the winter. The fact is, life is intensely busy in our culture, and poor health and illness are just as rife. Exercise, our bodies and their general health are also incredibly complex, which is one of the reasons I have dedicated my life to it. My passion and my dedication focuses on wading through the mire of this physiological complexity to take you from where you are to where you want to be with a plan that is created for exactly what your body needs to achieve it.

I provide professional guidance using numerous tools and styles in exercise and personal training to help my clients achieve a very wide range of goals and accomplishments. The below is just a general list; if there is something not included that you are looking for help with, I can either help you with it or in all likeliness connect you with someone who can.

Common Goals And Accomplishments:

  • Strength Gains
  • Power Training
  • Endurance Improvement
  • Body Building, Toning And Aesthetic Development
  • Sports Performance Building
  • Bodyfat Reduction
  • Improved Heart Rate And Blood Vitals
  • Improved Flexibility And Mobility
  • Clinical Support For Diabetes, Heart Disease And Severe Obesity
  • Movement Therapy For Pain And Mobility
  • Return Of Natural Movement
  • A Lot More, Just Ask!

Pricing Options:

    One on one training has a per session base price of $50/hr. Please inquire about prices for two on one or small group training. The below discounts are available for any type of training. After your first training package you may retain the same discount, and purchase sessions on a monthly basis instead. For price and scheduling policies, please check Here.

  • Refer a new client and receive 10% of their first package towards your next purchase (minimum one free session)
  • 6 session package is 5% off: Save $15.
  • 12 session package is 10% off: Save $60.
  • 18 session package is 20% off: Save $180!

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