The Pain Gate: Speaking broadly, there are two speeds at which nerve impulses are transmitted throughout our bodies. One at about a second, and another at about a tenth of a second. Sensations of hot or cold, the feeling of something touching your skin, and many other similar sensations travel at the faster speed. The slower speed is a system which is used for transmitting most kinds of pain. This is in large part why if you cut your finger, while you know it’s going to hurt, it may take a moment or two to actually start being in pain.

When you do cut your finger, we’ve always been told to stick it under cold water. When you stub your toe you stop to rub it. But why do we do this, why would this help the pain at all? The fact is, it does work, and the theory describing it is called the pain gate. When faster signaling nerves are firing in the same location, it seems to crowd the pathway, blocking or at least obscuring the pain signal.

This is the mechanism that Rock Tape, fascial movement tape, uses to diminish pain with remarkable effectiveness. The moment it is applied many kinds of pain are decreased substantially. This can also contribute to down-regulating pain nerves which have been stuck over firing for a long period of time. Whether short term or chronic pain, Rock Tape is one of the best pain reduction tools available, all without using organ damaging pharmaceuticals (which also means it does not conflict with any current medication, so can help in addition to any other medications you may be on). It also perfectly combines with BioFreeze or Rock Tape‘s ‘Rock Juice’ which in addition to skin contact for pain gate effects, ads a cooling effect, compounding the effects of the pain gate on minimizing pain.

To purchase Rock Tape or have it professionally applied, or just for more information, please feel free to contact us.

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