The most successful companies do more than simply offer their employees a job. They provide something extra for their employees; a place to meet more of their needs in one place, creating a positive force in their lives instead of just the price of maintenance. Helping to improve the comfort, energy, and overall health of your employees adds value to their place in the company, both for the employer and the employee. A corporate wellness program lets everyone win, offering a wide range of benefits to everyone involved. From decreasing the amount of missed work hours due to employee illness to getting and keeping the best talent, starting a corporate wellness program is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.

Thrive Integrated Rehabilitation And Wellness is a complete health and wellness company, working with individuals and groups on the health goals that matter to them. Whether it’s overall health and disease prevention, performance targeted fitness, or general rehabilitation, Thrive can create a corporate wellness program that fits the needs of your business and your employees. One on one personal training, nutritional consultations, and rehabilitation work, or group fitness as well as health education classes (nutrition, ergonomics, healthy lifestyle choices in and out of the office) are all ready to help your company as a whole grow healthier.

Whether you are interested in just one, or many services to help your business thrive, let us know and we will work out the perfect program for your needs.