For type two diabetics, the prognosis in the Western world is usually summed up to a one-sided attempt at weight loss and what is likely to be a life time of insulin injections. This is an unfortunate and backwards approach to a disease that is functionally reversible (clinically ‘non-diabetic’) aside from any damage from side effects including renal or retinal damage. By changing the types of food being eaten and meal timing we can control how much insulin is released into the systems, and by increasing the need for insulin through increasing muscle metabolism we increase the amount of sugar/insulin taken up from the blood. By consistently working on both sides of this insulin supply/insulin need imbalance we can make serious progress in defeating the disease.

We have created a program specifically tailored to achieving these goals through a full spectrum of methods for restoring the body’s hormones to a natural balance where the disease is no longer present. For those with peripheral neuropathy symptoms we also offer clinical vibration plate sessions (which are just 10-15 minutes in length). Clinical vibration plates have been shown by numerous clinical studies to help increase circulation, and through this and other mechanisms help rejuvenate the peripheral nerves and lower pain, improve balance, and other peripheral neuropathy symptoms while simultaneously improving weight loss, bone density, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and more (case studies and clinical studies linked at the bottom).

Diabetes Action Plan: This ensures a strong start by forming habits, teaching skills and creating a momentum of healthy changes. This includes:

• 1-2 hour one time intake session, which includes health screening, vitals, body composition testing, posture and functional analysis, discussion of goals, health strategy formation, and all other initial processes. We plan for up to two hours and any time left over will transfer into training sessions.
• 2 one-hour nutritional consultation sessions. We will go over your nutritional history and current diet, as it pertains to your overall health and diabetes, and then create a plan that works for you to make positive steps forward. We will also cover the how and why of the body’s metabolism and the nature of the diabetes hormone imbalance.
• 10 one-hour personal training sessions, to be scheduled with appropriate and desired frequency (from 1-4 times a week).

This plan, with 14 hours of consultation and training comes to $550. Additional one hour session of any kind can be purchased at $40/session with a minimum of 12 sessions at a time, or $45 with a minimum of 6 sessions at a time. 20 minute check-ins of any kind can be added for $20 each and vibration plate sessions (outside of the training hour) can be added for $10 each.

A La Carte:* Mix and match the services you need, with discounts scaling with the size of commitment.

• Single sessions (training or consultations) $50 per hour session
• Minimum of 6 sessions pre-paid: $47.5 per hour session
• Minimum of 12 sessions pre-paid: $45 per hour session
• Single 20 minute check-ins: $20
• Single vibration plate sessions (outside the training hour): $10

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