Rock Tape is a revolutionary medical and sports performance tool with a wide range of beneficial applications. Unlike most other tapes that act as a kind of bandage, holding things down, Rock Tape interacts not only with the tissues it covers to increase mobility but also directly with the brain to make profound changes in movement which can drastically improve performance, posture, pain and rehabilitative goals.

What Benefits Does Rock Tape Offer?

Pain Management: By using pain gate mechanics Rock Tape is able to help mitigate or in some cases even eliminate certain kinds of pain upon application. It can be safely combined with any medications you are taking for pain, as it itself is not a pharmaceutical. It is simple but effective and a practitioner can even show you how to apply it on your own at home. Read more on how it works Here.

Performance Enhancement: From increasing muscular activation (Most people have sub-optimal use of their muscle tissues at best), to improving movement posture and technique, all while decreasing fatigue and then improving recovery time afterwards AND decreasing chances of injury; Rock Tape does really deliver all of this and more with a simple set of taping applications.

Edema And Fluid/Tissue Mobility: Rock Tape actually creates improved movement between our superficial fascial layers (fascia is our body’s main connective tissue, helping hold us together, give us structure, and let things move around with less friction) which helps maintain better overall movement in our body, but also really helps fluid mobility. From edema to other sources of swelling, Rock Tape improves fluid mobility in your tissues, helping clear it out faster and more thoroughly. This is also a large part of what helps improved performance and injury recovery.

Posture And Alignment: Especially in combination with Neurokinetic Therapy, Rock Tape has a remarkably effective and near immediate ability to alter and improve posture and alignment, sometimes in front of your eyes. This has enormous implications not just for performance, but pain, movement quality, and the entire rehab process. Rock Tape is my best rehabilitative tool as a Neurokinetic Therapist, and I use it with every patient to improve the speed and thoroughness of their rehab process, and every athlete before a competition.

Rock Tape Professional Session:

To be professionally assessed and then have tape appropriately and accurately applied for any given purpose, you can schedule a Rock Tape specific session. Depending on the complexity and volume of tape required for your intended task this may be either a 30 or 60 minute session. Alternatively, Rock Tape may be applied as part of a Neurokinetic Therapy session.
  • 30 Minute Session (two applications included): $40
  • 60 Minute Session (four applications included): $70
  • Additional Tape Application: $4

Purchase Rock Tape Rolls:

Buying rolls independently of any scheduled sessions is $20 for a 16.5′ roll, or $120 for a 105′ roll. If you purchase Rock Tape with a Rock Tape or Neurokinetic Therapy Session, there is a 10% discount.

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