One of the most frustrating things I hear as a practitioner is something along the line of “Well, I am getting old,” this being an explanation and expectation of a patients pain and general degeneration of health and mobility. Our culture has saddled itself with an incredibly fatalistic expectation that as we age we simply start falling apart like an un-serviced car that is long past its day. I even get people in that have spent years going in for treatments each week, taking increasingly large dosages of pain medication, and only get worse tell me that originally their physician gave them a diagnosis of old. “Well, the thing is you’re just getting old.” Even though on a rational level we all realize we’re getting older, and even that we’ve crossed that line into being a senior citizen, but this kind of ‘diagnosis’ often floors most people. However…we take it to heart and more and expect that that’s just how it is and more than that any given ache or pain must be age…and we know it won’t get better. The little aches and pain, from hip, back and other joint pain to arthritis and beyond…simply age which ends in wheel chair and surgery quite often.

The thing is that age itself actually effects very little for our bodies. There are some hormone changes and possibly some gene presentation differences, but that may be a stretch itself. Age does practically nothing; time however, that’s a different story. When our body functions properly we’re like a well maintained car that gets every oil change, every service it needs, and then on top of it…every little scratch in the engine, scuff on the paint repairs itself. But when something actually damages itself, it stops being able to do all these repairs nonstop, and if not fixed, will eventually succumb to wear.

This is very roughly our bodies work. Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves, but where the real problem comes in is when through an injury, inadequate nutrition, or something else that causes a perceived threat, the brain changes how the body functions with some kind of defensive strategy which results in inefficient operation. Inefficient operations cause wear faster than the body can repair and that is what causes these aches and pains of age, including arthritis, back and joint pain, stiffness, and poor mobility, among many other things.

Using Neurokinetic Therapy® and reintroducing proper movement we are able to unwind these defensive strategies and show the brain it’s perceived threat has been put to rest and then the body can heal itself faster than the wear accumulates. Arthritis does not have to be painful, cartilage can heal, your back can move freely and without discomfort again. Your body was meant to age gracefully; do not accept a fate that simply is not true.

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