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Sugar, The Bitter Truth

This is a fantastic video I found a couple years ago that really describes the functions and effects of carbohydrates, in particular Dr. Lustig speaks on sugar. This is an incredible eye opening lecture that shows you what damage sugar, specifically refined sugars, can have on our bodies, and the food culture and industry that perpetuates it. This is one of the best single lectures I have ever found. I am linking both the full version, and a short version other people have made to make it more digestible by laypersons. There are certainly some dense scientific portions in the full video, but I urge you to watch it when you find the opportunity, supplementing with the short version that cuts out the most detailed science.

Introduction To Anatomy

I was referred to this series of anatomical lectures, which has a number of live dissections to illustrate bodily movement, circulation, digestion, and reproductive function. It also includes plasticized organs and live nude models. This is pretty graphic, but I don’t think is as visually disturbing as one might expect. If you’re squeamish, though, be warned! It does not go too in depth into anatomy, but it is nonetheless a very useful video series for general anatomy for the processes of the body and the relationship between the bodies components. The series is 4 lessons, each in 5 parts, which have been put together in a play list below.
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