We work with athletes at every level, from hobbyists to national competitors. We can remove inefficiencies, pains and dysfunctions and lower chances of injury with the most advanced rehab techniques available. We can bring you to your absolute performance potential with individualized science based approaches, instead of old tired tricks of the trade which will only take you so far. And then we can help you recover from training and competition so that you can hit it again without unnecessary delay and with less chance of over training.


Most of us, no matter our athletic ability, have some kind of ache and pain, or perhaps a previous bone break, ligament rupture or concussion. Even if it isn’t too directly noticeable yet, these are bigger issues just waiting to happen, at at minimum they are inefficiencies wasting your energy, messing with the accuracy of your swing, the power of your kick. With Neurokinetic Therapy we can permanently resolve these issues while building in layers of precision into your performance. With Movement Therapy and Education we can build up your foundation of movement skills no matter your level of performance and take your potential even higher. Whether it’s someone told they won’t be able to compete again, live without pain, that they need a joint replacement, or just want that extra, significant edge in their performance, get in touch and see what we can do for you. Learn More About Neurokinetic Therapy.

Build And Develop

Something which has always surprised me as a movement and sports professional is the reliance on ‘tried and true methods’ and ‘tricks of the trade,’ all the way up to Olympic level athletes which only work to a point and programs based on them are missing huge chunks of performance gaining potential. No matter how much long distance running you do, and no matter how much sprinting you do, you are missing the specific physical stress input to get specific SERIOUSLY important endurance adaptations in cardiac output, which are specific adaptations which add an enormous amount to your ability to perform harder for longer. So many people also miss out on creating a carefully constructed foundation of motor control and stability to place their fitness and abilities on. Here at Thrive we don’t ‘build performance on top of dysfunction,’ and leave no stone unturned in taking you to your absolute physiological potential as it fits into your goals. No matter where you are in athletics and performance, we can profoundly build and develop your abilities. Learn More About Athletic and Performance Training With Thrive

Recover and Restore

Whether it is recovering from an especially demanding competition, or keeping your body going during the peak of intense training with sustained health and without injury, Thrive can help improve and maintain your health so that you can focus on keeping your intensity, gains and performance going. Thrive accomplishes this with a range of tools and interventions, including sports and general massage, nutritional counseling, and integrative dynamic movement work. Learn More About Recovery Massage and Nutritional Consultation.

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