It’s an unfortunate fact that in our culture we have a strong tendency to take everything of ourselves and our lives as children and set it to the side as early as we can, but the truth of it is that when we were kids, some parts of how we lived were managed better than at any time as an adult. How we moved was DEFINITELY one of these. We start out learning authentic quality motion that set us up for a life time of comfort in our body, but it is quickly destroyed as cramped desks and horribly designed shoes (practically all of them) start warping our bodies into something they weren’t meant to be. Come adulthood and it just compounds with a lot less activity (with practically none of it natural in any way) and worse physical conditions.

Is it so crazy that learning how to move like a kid again might be exactly what you need? Our brains learned rolling, rocking, and crawling before anything else (walking is actually incredibly complicated stuff!) and very few adults can do any of them anywhere near well, believe it or not. So at Thrive Body Balance we work to reset the brains movement patterns (aka body movement software) by re-teaching it how to do these basic movements, and from there we can build up to teaching the body how to move in every way it was meant to in the first place; striving to undue the damage decades of office work has wrought on our poor bodies. Back pain? Arthritis? Chronic headaches? Crawling might just be what you need! It’s far more important than you can imagine, and a lot harder than you’d think. Learn to move well and the rest of your movement health will follow.

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