While surgical technique and technology has vastly improved over the last few decades, even the most minor arthroscopic operation into the joints or organs of the body is perceived as a serious threat by the brain. An incision into these highly important and vulnerable areas, let alone the original injury, and the steps the body takes to protect itself in the future can cause a land slide of over-protective compensations that lead to serious long term wear on the body. Imagine having air raid sirens going on with every step and see how long before it began to wear you down! This is basically what happens to the body after most surgeries, leading to the need for more operations down the road. From chronic headaches to, arthritis and joint replacements, over time it can have a serious impact on the body, no matter how necessary the surgery may have been.

With Neurokinetic Therapy® we are able to find out exactly what impact the injury or surgery is having on the body and the brain, and exactly what is necessary to resolve it. Scars and impact injuries are the most profound causes of long term pain and dysfunction, but we can quickly and permanently put these issues to rest.

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