Heart disease and the resulting complications and conditions results in 30% of deaths each year in the United States, it is the leading cause. The unfortunate fortunate fact is that the vast majority of these are completely preventable. The first step, however, is knowing what heart disease and heart attacks are. Below I have compiled some videos explaining what heart disease is and many of its implications, thanks again to Khan Academy.

Heart Disease and Heart Attacks: Basics of heart disease, heart attacks, heart failure, angina, cardiac arrest. Special thanks to Edward J Perper, MD for help in clarifying certain aspects of this video. Licensed under CC-BY-SA

Thrombo-emboli and Thromboembolisms: Clarifying difference between a thrombus and an embolus (and between thrombosis and embolism)

Stenosis, ischemia and heart failure: Clarifying a bunch of medical terms around heart disease

Strokes: Basics of strokes

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